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Saturday, February 5th, 2022 3:22 PM

60 Day Return Ploicy?

My initial purchase of the security system for my vacation home was 10/2019.  I needed to add a few more sensors and smoke detectors and they were purchased on 9/2021. We stopped by the home around Xmas (3 months after the purchase), and decided to do the install and realized we bought too many smoke detectors. Called customer service today and they tell me that they have this 60 day return policy and would not give me a refund for 1 Smoke detector. REALLY.. I expected this return policy would be for the initial purchase...Has anyone else got this policy thrown in their face? I retired from a business I owned for 36 years and bent over backwards for my customers..to keep my customers. Guess they just don't care about their existing customers. Count me out on referring relatives and friends!!



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2 years ago

I like to evaluate a company by what it does in terms of customer service by the policies it has. If it meets those requirements, its a good company and gets my repeat business. If it goes beyond those policies, that is in the area of above and beyond and truly exceptional. In this instance, the agent is following the company's policy. Suggest you call back, explain your situation and if the agent gives you the same answer, ask for a supervisor or manager. Worst they can do is say no.

Please post your outcome here if you get a chance. BTW, 34 systems recommended and placed, # 35 in the works this week.


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Yes, we do have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which applies to all components - so not just your initial package, but also every individual component you purchase after. Compare this to retailers, who would typically give you only 14 days.

We do at least give you that full 60 days, starting from the day that your package is delivered. So if there was a delay in shipping, that would not decrease your return period. But unfortunately, going into the fifth month is well beyond that.

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I understand your pain.  Having issues myself with installation and attempts to get motion sensors to work.  Not able to get much help from tech support other than "reboot" "remove batteries" and "reboot".  Useless for security if one can enter a room, take a big screen TV and leave without setting off the motion sensor!

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