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Thursday, October 13th, 2022 9:46 PM

Inconsistent Motion Sensors

I understand your pain.  Having issues myself with installation and attempts to get motion sensors to work.  Not able to get much help from tech support other than "reboot" "remove batteries" and "reboot".  Useless for security if one can enter a room, take a big screen TV and leave without setting off the motion sensor!

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2 years ago

Hi @seattlejem ,

From your other posts, I see that the issue you're experiencing is that you're not seeing your Motion Sensor trigger until you're up close.

The first thing we should do is troubleshoot the setup of the Motion Sensor - to make sure that it's able to see you at all. Its viewing angles are left and right at 45º (so total 90º horizontally), so it's best to set it up on the corner of a room. Vertically, it points 45º down, but not up. Here's what that looks like:

As you can see, there's a blindspot underneath, and the higher up the sensor is on the wall, the bigger it gets. So it's best to set it up at about 5 - 6ft, depending on the path of traffic in your room.

The other key thing to understand is that the Motion Sensor works by infrared (i.e. it looks for sources of heat moving around in the room). That means that when you arm your system (or put it into Test Mode), the sensor needs a minute or so to 'scan' the room's ambient temperature, so it can figure out what stands out in contrast. So when you're testing, you want to leave the room completely, wait a couple minutes, then walk into the room.

But that's just the start. It sounds like our Support team was troubleshooting the connectivity between the sensor and your Base Station, which is why they would suggest the reboots. But you can test the connection by putting your system in Test Mode; if you press the button on the top of the sensor, and the Base Station announces "Motion Sensor!", then you know that connection is working and isn't the problem in this case.



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2 years ago

@seattlejem​ I have nine motion sensors and all of them work fine, as expected. What specific issues are you having with yours? Is it one motion sensor, all of them? Why is support asking you to reboot the base? Feel free to direct message me and more than happy to assist. I have recommended and placed dozens of systems, including two brother in laws, cousins, neighbors, friends, daughter, her in-laws etc etc and none have issues, although a few units had to be replaced under warranty, and a few relocated due to hvac vents, windows etc.


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