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Thursday, December 1st, 2022 11:52 PM

How to Increase Smartlock Range

I have a shop about 100 feet from my house and I bought a smartlock for the shop door.  However, no matter what I do I cannot get the base station to communicate with the Smartlock.  The only things between the base and the smartlock is a window, the metal wall of my shop, and 100 feet of air (so much for an 800 foot range...)  I just got my entire Simplisafe system in the mail yesterday and now I am considering returning it all because I want a system that can incorporate my shop.  

I have seen videos where people were able to add an antenna to different Simplisafe devices but I haven't found a video showing how to do it specifically for a Smartlock.  Has anyone else found one?

Simplisafe, please create some kind of range extender!  Now that I am having this problem I am seeing that this is a very common complaint.  Build a range extender and we will all buy one.

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1 year ago

They do have one. 


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@hindusoul​ unfortunately this does not help with the Smartlock.  Only the cameras need wifi, the rest of the units rely exclusively on the proprietary frequency from the base station.  I have wifi in my shop, but the signal from the base station (which is supposed to go 800 feet) doesn't make it into the shop, and that is the signal that I need "extended".

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1 year ago

Hi @potatosaladave, welcome to the community.

There are many factors that can come into play when it comes to the Base Station's range, specifically things like wireless interference from other electronic devices, or the dampening of the signal from dense building materials. Metal or aluminum siding would decrease the efficiency of the signal to the Base Station, and the overall range of it. 

We also recommend having the Base Station centrally located, however in this instance it might be best to have the Base Station located closer to the window so it has a clear sightline to the shop. That could help provide better coverage for it. Even if it's temporarily to test out the set up of Smart Lock, that would help to better gauge if the issue is indeed the range or something else. 

Let me know how that goes, and I'd be happy to help further.

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1 year ago


Thank you for your reply.  I do have my Base Station located in a window with a direct line of sight to my shop door with the Smartlock in question, but still with no luck.   However, if I take the Base Station out to the shop the Smartlock functions properly.  Please, please, please ask Simplisafe to create a Base Station signal extender, or create a way for me to add another base station in my shop (since I have internet out there already) so that 2 Base Stations can function as one unified system.

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