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Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021 8:44 PM

Smart Lock Pin Pad Light Not Working

I recently installed the Smart Lock and the issue I'm having is the backlight for the keys on the Pin Pad.  The backlight will very rarely light if I press one of the keys and usually it does not light.  Is anyone having similar issue?  If the Pin Pad backlight does work could you please let me know if you need to press a key first or does it have a proximity sensor so when you put your hand near the Pin Pad does it turn on the backlight.  The Pin Pad keys are impossible to see when it is dark and Simplisafe advertises the lighted Pin Pad as a feature on their website. Thanks

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2 years ago

Ours works fine, but you do have to press a key for it to light. 

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7 months ago

I just recently installed 2 Smart Locks.  One pin pad lights fine and one will not.  Were you ever able to correct yours?

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@rmhughes0711​ The Smart Lock's PIN Pad has a proximity sensor that lights up when it senses someone approach it. However, when the battery in the PIN Pad starts to get low it will stop lighting up. I would recommend replacing the batteries in this PIN Pad by following these steps:

  1. Use the pinhole key that was included with your Smart Lock and press it into the pinhole on the bottom of the PIN pad
    1. If you do not have the pinhole key, a SIM Card tool or a paperclip can also work
  2. Once the pinhole has been pressed, the top of the PIN Pad will pop off and you will then be able to replace the batteries
  3. After the batteries have been replaced, press the PIN Pad top back on until it clicks into place

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