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Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 8:44 PM

Smart lock Pin

I have a concern regarding the smart lock PIN pad. I really dislike the fact that the PIN pad uses the same code as the alarm, and that it disarms the system when entered. This PIN is only 4 numbers long, and can be easily observed when entered by a user. I would very much like to see:

1. PIN that can be 6 to 8 digits.
2. Entering the PIN only opens the lock - it does NOT disarm the alarm.
3. PIN is unique to the lock, and cannot be used on the alarm keypad to arm/disarm.

As it stands now, I opted not to install the PIN pad at all, as I feel it is a security risk.

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2 years ago

Hi tal,

Thanks for the feedback! We did make the Smart Lock use the same PINs as the main system to keep things more simple - with only one PIN to remember when coming home. It also allows for tighter integration with the rest of the system.

But you might not know, you do have the option of changing your Smart Lock's behavior, either in the Keypad Menu or the SimpliSafe app. In this case, the setting you're looking for is "do nothing" when the system is set to Off.
You can also choose to have the system not lock when you arm in either Away or Home!


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@davey_d​ What we want is that our alarm not be disarmed when pin is entered in lock keypad period or the ability to choose that operation

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I second what others are saying. I don't want my entire security system disarmed from my front door. It's easier for someone to see what my 4 digit pin is from outside my home. I'd like them to need to know a separate pin to disarm my system. Also agree that a 4 digit pin is too short.

Could this be resolved with an over the air update?

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1 year ago

i agree with everything you said.

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1 year ago

I would like to echo this concern. I want the smart lock PIN to only unlock the door but not disarm the system. I want to have a unique pin just to unlock the door. 

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10 months ago

Agree and second with everyone here. SimpliSafe should support our workflow and stop disarming the main building system "just because we unlocked the door". Also the smart lock should support 6 to 8 digit codes. Hope someone is listening to these requests. thx

5 months ago

Adding to the list of growing feedback on this, I also would like to request the ability to assign different pins to my door than to my main system. I like to change my door code from time to time, but I dislike that it requires an update to the entire systems pin. 

One of the reasons I need to change my door code is that the rubber used on the keypad quickly begins to show which 4 numbers have been entered repeatedly, and at only 4 digits long, it's easy to try each combination and guess the system code.

This seems like a relatively easy update, and I see other threads on this topic. What's the hold up?

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