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Where Should I Place My Base Station?


The Base Station should be placed in a centrally-located area within your home or business, and in an open space. It is recommended that the Base Station is elevated at least 3 feet off the ground on a non-dense surface (ideally glass or wood). 

The following floorplan illustrates the recommended placement for a Base Station within this layout. 

Placing your Base Station in a cabinet, closet, or around dense materials (such as granite, concrete, or metal) can weaken its signal to other SimpliSafe devices. This can lead to communication errors between the Base Station and your SimpliSafe products, and cause the other devices (sensors, cameras, etc.) to become unresponsive or go offline. If you are having trouble with your sensors, see this article for additional troubleshooting.

Installing your Base Station next to devices that output a wireless signal, such as a router or TV, is also not recommended. This can cause wireless interference and decrease the overall signal strength of the Base Station.