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Friday, March 29th, 2019 1:42 PM

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Multi-User Accounts

Is there any way to have multiple log-ins to the same account? If not, is there a way to send suggestions to SimpliSafe engineers?

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2 months ago

+1 to the poster above who recommended a class action lawsuit. will be looking into this.

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2 months ago

They don't care about their customers requests. Believe me.  Been with them a few years now.  Only reason I am still with them is because I invested a lot in the hardware and can't really afford to move to someone else.

I've seen "requests" get passed on to DEVs that have seen no action in over 3 years.  They either don't have the resources they claim or they just don't care what we want.

2 months ago

Last I read you had said this would become available in the spring well it’s actually 70° in upstate New York so I think spring is here is your feature here for multiple users

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@jrhvictorysimplisafe​ They told me it was happening two years ago. 

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1 month ago

This is a required feature.  Even more disappointing than not having 24/7 video from the outdoor camera. 

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1 month ago

Hello there! This is actually a deal breaker for me. I asked specifically about this when I ordered my system for my business and the sales guy said we could do this. Now I find out we can't.

Equally worse, is ANYONE can just press the AWAY button, no pin required. So I never know who was responsible for setting the alarm that night.

You guys are so close to destroying ADT in the business realm, but I am afraid I have to go back to them.

Please let me know if you have an accurate expected date?



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So I never know who was responsible for setting the alarm that night.

Can I ask why you want to know this? I'm asking purely out of curiosity because I can't think of a use case where I'd want to know that kind of information. I'm interested to hear about your use case, I'm not trying to disagree or argue with you.

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It could be because the alarm went off on the cleaning crew, after someone who worked late didn't check the building before setting "away" and going home.

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1 month ago

New to the community and have opinions.

Mostly interested right now in engaging SS early adoption and early exposure.  I'd love the opportunity to use and give feedback on early versions of products or processes.

Multiple users is something I'd use for business and personal.


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1 month ago

Imagine if the same company that told us this feature would be ready by spring was also responsible for ensuring the police could arrive at your house during an emergency.

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1 month ago

Amazingly frustrating…this thread goes back to 2019…I hope that they promised for the Spring 2024 not 2026….😤😤😤

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1 month ago


Fortunately I don't have the scars and scales from SS, so here's a fresh batch of new meat for the SS machine to devour ... or a fresh set of eyes and perspective.

I'd like to think the latter and

1) If a person has the requirement to know who enabled the alarm, they have the requirement.  It may or may not pay off when push comes to shove and they actually need to be able to say "person A" enabled the alarm.

2) If a bunch of people ask for a new capability and SS says "yep, we're on it" and never delivers, well that says something.

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27 days ago

It is surprising that you can't add a spouse as a user. You need to share credentials. Is something happens to one spouse or they are not available the other spouse let's say forgets a password or  needs to get in they will not be able to because the dual authentication is tied to the account holders phone? This actually could make this less secure. 

Food for thought. As other systems have the ability to not only have family members have access but also you can give them their own secure disalarm word that is easier to remember for them. Also you create secure shut off codes temporarily for say someone watching a pet. 

Love the system in general. Cameras are amazing. Please consider some of these essential household security options mentioned above. 


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Hi @wesleyjake, 

Our dev team is currently working on a multi-user account feature for the SimpliSafe mobile app so you will not need to share login credentials. Once this feature is ready to roll out, we will update the Community!

But in the meantime, do you have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) set up? With MFA, you can register multiple phone numbers to your account, so when your wife logs into your SimpliSafe account, the confirmation code will go to her phone instead of yours. If you visit this article in our Help Center, we list the steps for setting up MFA.

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Thanks Emily, the second phone number will be helpful in the meantime. Appreciate that quick response. I'll be sure to add my spouse's number as well. Cheers.

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