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Tuesday, January 24th, 2023 11:46 PM

Practice Mode On Request?

I understand the difference between the practice mode and test mode.

My wife and I are close to having our system tuned into what we want but...


I've said before and will continue to do so, documentation for SimpliSafe is woefully inadequate.

Thank goodness for the knowledge garnered from folks in the community.

/end soapbox/

Do I have the option once monitoring begins to have my account temporarily put back into practice mode? Would really be handy If I could.

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1 year ago

@bhudg Not officially but you can always call and ask SS to put you pack into practice mode, or better put, have monitoring but you in "test mode" for x amount of time.  When I did a significant expansion of my system I put my system on "test" from 12 noon on Saturday until 9PM same day. Can't see why it would be an issue if they did it for days as long as they had your approval and ok for that time period.

My advice, though, is don't do it. Once you go live, move foreward and don't look back. Over time  you will still tweak your system to fit your lifestyle. One our two alarms in error does wonders to improve one's memory. :-)

Congrats on your new system and best of luck with it.

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@captain11​ The practical aspect of practice over test mode is, I'm sure you know, that real-time consequences of system changes can be observed and dealt with as need be without involving the monitoring team with repeated deliberate alarms.

In that I was unable to find specifics regarding recording behaviors of the cameras for instance, I repeatedly triggered alarms with different scenarios. I turned the alarms off with varied techniques. All to better understand how the cameras behaved with respect to what it took for them to actually record and what length of time they would record for a given event. To a given trigger the inside and outside cameras can and do behave differently.

Learning these nerd level aspects of the system, for the now at any rate, only seems to be accomplished through trial and error, phone calls to tech support or questions asked here. While the calls I have made to tech support have been stellar interactions, hats off and two thumbs up to them, trial and error is quicker. Practice mode.

Thanks for letting me know this is something I may be able to avail myself of in the future as needs be.



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@bhudg I drive my much better half nuts by testing to the extreme. (Like using a neighbor's old windows with a hammer and drop cloth to test the glass break sensors. :-)  Camera behavior with recording times etc can all be determined by speaking to the support staff, but nothing beats, at least for me, testing things on my own, including hacks that you read on other websites to see if they are real. (BTW, the invisible fence for your dog will not intefere with your SS3 system.  I know this because I moved my base, keypad and a few sensors over to my neighbor's who has a fence for his dog. Ditto on the garage door transmitter hack.  With my 40+ component system we do sleep soundly at night. Still a loyal customer of Simplisafe after10+ years and it is the best value and effective system in the market, IMO.

Best of luck with your new system.


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"...much better half nuts..."

LOL, SWMBO has pointed out more than a few times that I get obsessed with new techy purchases or tools or, or, or...

Not obsessed, just need to make sure that what the dollars laid down for, works.

Then again, I can maybe see obsessed, at times, occasionally, maybe...


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