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Tuesday, September 12th, 2023 11:37 AM

No Connection. No protection. No communication.

I have had Simpli safe since 2014, I had a great relationship with Simpli Safe for over ten years-I loved it. I have no clue how to get it to connect and stay connected.  I got the new system a month ago and have had nothing but trouble. 1) The base station will not stay connected to dispatch AND never tells you. That little phone APP that pings your phone will keep right on sending you the message that you have set your alarm. BUT NEVER tell you that you "really have no protection." It does NOT announce "No connection to dispatch" When you set it. It does not send you any phone warning-This morning I discovered that it has probably not had a link to dispatch all week. So now-I have the base sitting on the back of my couch, right next to a window hoping that when I shut my curtain at night the thing will still connect.  That is the first issue, number  2) The "voice" of the new system is not understandable. The old system voice was precise and bold. This new soft voice is not clear. Use to be when you set the system a *crisp* to the point LOUD voice said : "Alarm on Home." Now a quiet low creepy voice says "Simpli Safe on.-Home." Like we want to hear a whole long dialog, no- just say ON! And because of that, I guarantee  if you have two levels, no matter where you put your base station you can not understand the mumble voice. -if you can even hear it at all. And the alarm is not loud. All in all, I wish I had never unplugged my old system, yes, it was beginning to have issues, but they were Nothing- compared to this.

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9 months ago

Hi @sathome22, 

When the Base Station is disconnected from both Wi-Fi and its cellular backup, the "No Link to Dispatcher" error message will appear on your Keypad to alert you about your system. When you see this error message, resetting your Base Station can help to restore its connection. The video in this Help Center article shows you how to do this.

Regarding the volume of the Base Station, is it set to High? I would recommend checking its volume in your system settings to ensure it's on the loudest setting. We do also offer a Wireless Siren that you can place throughout the home. The Wireless Siren will sound during entry and exit countdowns, when an alarm is triggered, and when an Entry Sensor is opened. And at 105dB, it's as loud as a rock show, so you will never miss an alarm.

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