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Monday, December 13th, 2021 12:27 PM

base station wifi dropping out

hi my base station is dropping its wifi connection then reconnects every 13-15 mins this seems to have only started very recently and i get a notification on my phone which is annoying is anyone getting this as well or have any ideas  

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3 years ago


thanks for replying, after looking more thoroughly it seems my router (bt hub 2) had a update a few days ago and needed a reboot.  After doing so now has no problems.

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3 years ago

  • What basestation firmware?
  • What router / WiFi? (Mesh? Arris?)

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thanks for replying, after looking more thoroughly it seems my router (bt hub 2) had a update a few days ago and needed a reboot.  After doing so now has no problems.

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2 years ago

I started having this problem recently after updating to 2.8.2. Got a new base station and same thing happened. 

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2 years ago

I am having the same problem with a new base station.

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1 year ago

My experience, same problem, replaced base station same problem. Started looking for other solutions. 

Base station was less than 12 feet from the router with two uninsulated walls between.

Started looking around, got out my tape measure and after a few minutes determined the kitchen microwave was exactly in the line of sight between the base station and router. Moved the base station to a new location, nothing in between other than one uninsulated wall.

So far, so good. Not a single disconnect.

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1 year ago

I had the same experience (as noted above, five months ago).

My base station is less than five feet from the router.

After extensive troubleshooting by myself and SimpliSafe which included exchanging router log data, it was decided that I should try to use a WiFi extender and have the base station connect to that and then the WiFi extender connect to the router.

Since I made that change, the connection has been rock solid.  Note that there was ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to extend the WiFi network because of the close and unobstructed line of sight proximity between the base station and the router.  There is no microwave oven near by (although I applaud the person who discover that in their installation!).  The only reason this made a difference is because there was a new access point implementing the WiFi connection.

Based on my review of the router logs (I have a network engineering background), it appears the drops are occurring at the MAC layer.

Many routers (including my Asus) are receiving firmware updates to support WiFi 6.  WiFi 6 appears to require routers to support protocol changes in the MAC layer.  It may be that the SimpliSafe WiFi MAC layer implementation conflicts with the new WiFi 6 MAC layer changes.

That being said: Correlation is not causality.

I have yet to confirm my suspicions with a Wireshark MAC layer trace.  My bad, but I've been busy getting into retirement and through the holidays.

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4 months ago

This started happening for me today after multiple years of having exactly zero of these issues.

I have not changed my wifi in anyway.  Same base station.

Has happened 3 times so far.  No explaination.

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It is interesting that you posted this now.  Just last week I removed the WiFi extender connection between my Simplisafe and my router.  The Simplisafe has been working flawlessly since.  

Both the Simplisafe and Asus router have had multiple firmware updates since the previous workaround went in place last year.

Perhaps one of those updates fixed my problem?

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@rstudner that's a good point from @W1TJF .

When was the last time that you updated your alarm system's firmware? We might be able to pinpoint your issue to a specific firmware version, which I can then bring to our engineering team. Or perhaps your system might just be out of date!

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