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Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 10:13 PM

how cold is to cold

We are in the middle of a complete gut remodel of a house we were using the SimpliSafe system for our protection there as we are not there. but now that the weather has turned cold here in Wisconsin my question is how cold is to cold for the base station 3rd gen and wired indoor camera house has no heat right now and base station is in the shed with no heat. 



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7 months ago

@ffkappelman The specs are for inside use only and if my memory is correct (doubtful) its down to 62 degrees. I have entry sensors and a motion sensor in my unheated garage and all of them work fine in single digit temps (norther IL a spit in the wind away from the WI border.  I would give it a try and see how it goes. Of course, if you call Support they will quote the specs chapter and verse.

Update: found post from former community moderator and said 32 degrees was the lower range limit. Again, would try it lower.


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well I found its limit as it lost its memory today in the cold today 

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@ffkappelman​ how cold did it get in there and if you get it warm will it come back to life? Hope it's not completely ruined. 

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Have the same issue we are in Northern Michigan and we use our cabin year round but when we are not there for long periods of time, such as a month or more in winter we are wondering will system work with the heat off in the cabin.  I can't afford to heat this log cabin in the winter It runs on propane and can't see heating an non-insulated structure when we are gone.  So I'm beginning to think this system is not for us but need to verify operating temps of system in Northern States

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It's me again flies220 and I'm getting stupid answers from the support group.  I think I'm talking to someone stupid or possibly from a foreign County.  We seem to have a language problem.  Still waiting for a good solid answer and here is what he sent me back, so again he is lost giving an answer.

Apologies for any confusion, Larry. We mentioned before that the lowest customizable setting is 0 degrees Fahrenheit which means that you can lower the temperature setting to from 32 to 0 degrees.  Do not worry, you can also adjust the settings via the SimpliSafe app. You can adjust the temperature setting remotely.  This is pure nonsense and I need someone who understands the question.  I'm out of here and need to find a system that works, maybe get it hard wired into the cabin or find out how to adjust the temperature sensor.

OK thanks got it.  I  need more info on this temperature sensor item and where it is located in simply safe.  Thanks for the info I need to do more deep research on this item. I'm signing off for now to do some more deep research  Thanks for your help goodbye.

Hope someone out there can help me find out where to adjust the high-low temperature setting.

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@lance843​ it was down to 10 deg. F 

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6 months ago

Hi @ffkappelman ,

@dlpsr is on the right track. For the sensors in general, the recommended operating temperatures are between 32°F to 120°F. The Base Station has a recommended range of 32°F to 104°F.

And the SimpliCam Wired Indoor Camera can go between 14°F to 104°F .

All of these are recommendations, and that doesn't mean that the devices will immediately stop working when the temperature goes beyond that. But performance will be impacted, and prolonged exposure could cause damage to the components.

But you mention in one of your comments that something "lost its memory". Can you be more specific about which component had trouble, and what error messages you might have seen? We might need to troubleshoot a totally different issue.

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it was the indoor camera and I could not get it to connect or read the QR code on my phone at all. I was in a house that was gutted and there is no heat or insulation at this time. I have taken it out of service and have it back in my house till the remodel is compete at which  time I will work on setting it back up and helpfully with it warm not at 10 degs it will be fine 

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