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Wednesday, July 14th, 2021 12:16 AM

Closing your account

Good luck if you sign up for monitoring. The only way to cancel is to call customer service. I have been waiting on the line 1 hour and 48 minutes so far. They make it impossible to cancel.



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2 years ago

It's actually easy once you speak with someone.  Calling in is for security- you don't want someone getting your phone, cancelling service in the app and then breaking into your home.  Unfortunately the wait times have been excessive lately.



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2 years ago

Sadly, it appears SS is back where it started with long wait times, especially the excellent results they had earlier this year to answer calls in seconds.

Working for a medical device company for many years, there was a built in metric between installation of devices and calls. Once the metric (hold times among others, like one call fix rates) were exceeded, there was a 30 day clock started on installations.  If not addressed, installs stopped and sales, service etc didn't get paid their monthly bonuses. Amazingly, for some reason, support center rarely exceeded the 10 minute metric. BTW, bonuses went the other way too with the support center and operations.

SS, you should try it. Works well.
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