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Wednesday, January 1st, 2020 4:25 PM

siren, chime and verbal announcements

I have set up our system. Gone through setting up the devices making sure all is audible and at the highest decibel level. However, there is no noise when any of the entry sensors are opened, an alarm is triggered and absolutely no verbal announcements from the base station  -- we are getting alerts to our cell phones -- I've emailed customer service and with the holiday am not expecting a quick response - anyone help?

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5 years ago

There are not any sensor announcements from the base when the system is armed.

When the system is disarmed you can get a chime but there is no verbal announcement.

The only time you get a verbal announcement for a sensor is in test mode.

That's the way it is. Requests for change have been hanging for years.

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5 years ago

Don't rely on a response via email, SS hasn't been responding to emails lately.

If you mean, you're not getting real alarms, are you still in the 72-hour practice period?  

If you mean that you're not hearing chimes, or the base station announcements for anything....

If you have SS3:

The door and window sensors have an option to set for chimes whenever a door or window is opened in OFF mode (nothing will chime in Home or Away mode, because the system is armed, you'll be getting a siren alarm if a sensor is triggered).  Check your settings via your keypad, or via your online control panel if you have interactive monitoring, if you want chimes for when the system is in OFF mode:

Under System > Additional Settings
- Check Siren Volume settings (this is the Base Station Siren, not the individual siren)
- Check Chime Volume setting (this can be turned on or off if you want door/window sensors to chime in OFF mode)
- Check Voice Prompt Volume setting (this is the Base Station volume for voice announcements)

You can also use your individual siren to chime when a door or window is opened in OFF mode - this is helpful if people cannot hear the base station's announcements, or if they are in a 2-3-level home:

Under Devices, go to your Siren.
- Check settings for "Door Chime"

Btw, your Base station should announce every time you arm ("Simplisafe, On"), or disarm ("Simplisafe, Off") - as long as you have the base station volume settings on.  It will also announce other things such as "keypad battery low" (it will only announce this once), "warning, entry sensor open", and other warnings such as "no link to dispatch", "keypad out of range", etc.

If, after checking your settings, and you still have base station announcement/volume or siren volume issues, call SS to troubleshoot.
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