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Thursday, February 29th, 2024 1:03 PM

Secret Alerts stopped

In the last day, secret alert push notifications simply stopped working.

On the web site I can set Secret Alerts for door sensors. In the iOS app I only see "Disabled" or when it is set via the web site it says "Undefined" in the app for the "Off Alarm Mode" - obviously something is confused. SMS also doesn't work. The app is "allowed" to receive push notes from the OS. 

Couple this with the fact that I can't update the base station from 2.14.10 to the latest 2.15.x

Base station: 2.14.10

Keypad 2.12.2

Wifi On and connected

It should be noted that the camera still sends motion push notifications - I suspect because it handles these itself since it's got it's own WiFi connection.

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2 months ago

Hi @4k_john, 

Did your monitoring plan change recently? Secret Alerts and SMS notifications for non-alarm events are only available with the Self Monitoring with Camera Recordings or Fast Protect™ monitoring plans. If your plan changed, Secret Alerts and SMS notifications would no longer be available. To learn more about what each monitoring plan offers, check out this guide in our Help Center.

Regarding your Base Station's firmware, do you see any error message when you try to download the latest version? I just pushed the update to your system again, if you run into an issue when downloading this firmware, please let me know!

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I restarted the base station and the upgrade finally applied.

With regard to my account - it hasn't changed - yesterday morning I was receiving pushes - this morning not. My plan is "Standard with App Control."

Additionally, although the app does not show me "Secret Alert" as an option for my door sensors - it only shows the single option "Disabled" - the website does show both "Disabled" and "Secret Alert" at https://webapp.simplisafe.com/new/#/devices-settings - obviously logged into the same account.

Any thoughts as to what is going on? The app did update yesterday on my iPhone - but that is the only change.

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Literally months ago I downgraded from the default plan (which I think is FastProtect) but pushes maintained until the app update yesterday it would seem.

I would suggest you have a bug in the app/infra that isn't keeping things in proper sync. I've (against my better judgement) upgraded to FastProtect and now the functionality is back. I would happily accept a discount for the trouble. Thanks :-) 

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@4k_john​ so sorry about that! Yes, it sounds like you were previously getting a feature that should not have been available in that plan level, but has since been corrected.

Unfortunately we're not able to offer a discount like that, but I've gone ahead and applied a free month to your account for the trouble.

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