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Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 8:24 PM

Persistant Power outage alarm

I programmed my new alarm system at a different location, unplugged it and transported it.  I obviously got the notification of a power outage since I unplugged it, but even though it's powered up and installed, the "There is a power outage" notification still is present in the app.  Any ideas on how to clear that?  Thanks!

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2 years ago

Hi @ambitionisme,

In order to update that message in the app, we'll need to make sure to pull the latest status information from the base station. To do that, simply pull down on the screen to check the system status. At that point, the app should then update showing that "Everything is OK" assuming the base is receiving power from its power cord.

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Good evening,  I'm having the same problem.  "There is a power Outage"  "Plugin base station to avoid service interruption" I removed and reinstalled the batteries to reset my system.  I still have the message.  I replaced the batteries.  Still have the message.  I pulled down on the screen to check the system status.  Still have the message.  I also selected the two-cycle arrows on the top right side of the app.  It shows devices Online.  Battery Levels Good.  But Base Station is listed under Battery Power.  It's plugged in!

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4 months ago

My SimpliSafe base station keeps on going red even though we haven't had any power outages. I keep refreshing the app, too, but it continues to say there is a power outage even though it is plugged in. 

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