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Wednesday, October 12th, 2022 11:02 AM


Is there a a monitor or sensor to track refrigerator and freezer temperatures?

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2 years ago

Hi @charles5729 ,

The big hurdle we would have to overcome would be communication; the more dense a material is, the more it can blog wireless signals. Metal in particular can stop communication completely. So right now, while we do have a Temperature Sensor available, we really wouldn't recommend it for inside a fridge or freezer.

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1 month ago

You should work on refrigerator/freezer temperature sensors.  it would be easy to have a thermocouple that has a wire thin enough to enter a fridge door and not disrupt the magnetic seal very much.  then the sensor could be outside the box.  I sure wish I'd had a couple of these last week when our fridge compressor went out.

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4 days ago

I have had a temp sensor inside my refrigerator for about a month, and it works perfectly.  The fridge is located 10-12 feet from my base station.  I suggest you try it and see if it works in your situation.

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