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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023 5:48 AM


Additional alert

The base station needs additional plug in devices that will communicate when a door is opened.  Alarm set and door opened. Etc.   if you have a multilevel house you can’t hear it.  For example I’d like something in my master bedroom that would alert me if the alarm is set and something is triggered.  

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1 year ago

Your only option at the moment would be to buy one of these:


Just be aware that this can only replicate

The main alarm sound

Door chimes (sound made when entry sensor is tripped, NOT the video doorbell ring chime)

Entry beeps

Exit beeps

You can find more details at https://support.simplisafe.com/articles/entry-sensors/device-and-sensor-settings/634572847c2ab96af9f1dbaa#h_06431798-5756-4d8a-8b9b-bba963ec8750

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