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Friday, September 22nd, 2023 7:10 PM

Unable to Arm/Disarm without WiFi?

My system does not have a WiFi connection and only operates over an AT&T link.  About a month ago, I noticed I could not arm/disarm the system using the app, which I could do before.  Does it sound like I have a hardware problem?  According to the support page on this website, you need a WiFi connection to remotely control the system. 

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5 months ago

Hi @cjmframe ,

Which page on the Help Center were you referring to? If there's any confusing info, I can make sure we change it to be more clear!

Your Base Station is able to use two connections to connect to the service and enable functions like remote arm and disarm. That would be WiFi, and if you are subscribed to a compatible Monitoring Service, cellular. If one is not available, the other one should be able to take over immediately.

If you know for sure that there is no WiFi available at the location, then we should troubleshooting that cell connection. Did you see any error messages on the app? And do you know if AT&T has good coverage at your location?

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