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Thursday, October 5th, 2023 3:53 PM

Any way to use UniFi sensors with SimpliSafe?

I have an existing UniFi setup including cameras, entry and motion sensors. I'd like to add a keypad and siren, but they don't have those in the UniFi ecosystem. Is there any way to integrate the existing sensors and cameras to trigger the SimpliSafe alarm if the system is armed?

I've seen some integrations with third party software like HomeAssistant and HomeKit/HomeBridge but it's not clear if events can be pushed into the SimpliSafe controller. 

Any info or recommendations for integrating SimpliSafe are welcome. I'm very new to the home automation scene. :)

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5 months ago

The only solution I'm coming up with currently is attaching a motor to an entry sensor... Home Assistant can detect events from the Unifi system and trigger the motor to run. The motor opens the entry sensor which triggers the SimpliSafe system.

That's a workaround, but it seems kindof... dumb...

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Lol! That's perfect!

My thought was use HomeAssistant to read the Unifi data. If it detects an alert condition (door open, motion detect, etc) then it would operate a motor. Now connect that motor (or Fingerbot) to a SimpliSafe entry sensor and label that entry sensor as "Unifi Alarm" and you're done.

Who knew? Smart security IS dumb security! :D

Realistically, it would be best for me if Unifi Protect came out with a keypad and siren, but I been waiting for two years to see that :/

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5 months ago

Hi @ironeinstein, 

Echoing Dlpsr here, SimpliSafe uses its own closed system that isn't able to integrate devices from other companies. We use a closed system so we can ensure quality and keep the whole system truly secure.

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