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Friday, November 11th, 2022 6:46 PM

Distinctive Notification Sound on Android

I cannot figure how to assign a VERY DISTINCTIVE notification sound to my SimpliSafe's Notifications on my S22+ and my wife's Note10...   (It seems that the only option that I have is the "Generic Notification Tone")
Can you help?

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11 months ago

Hi @MikeP,


Your menus might be different since you and your wife are both on Samsung devices. But here's how you get to the menu on stock Android (like on Google Pixel phones):


  1. Navigate to your System Settings > Notifications > Settings
  2. Scroll down, then tap SimpliSafe (or use the magnifying glass on the top right to search)
  3. Tap on a type of notification, e.g. “Doorbell Ring” or “Alarm”
  4. Scroll down and tap Sound
  5. Select a sound for your alert
  6. Tap the ←Back Button to return to the SimpliSafe Notifications screen, and follow steps 5-7 to set sounds for the other types of Notification as desired

And here is what each category means:


Stands for "Device Firmware Update". It shows notifications specifically for progress during a Smart Lock update

(No sound by default)

Doorbell Ring

When someone pushes the Video Doorbell Pro button


A catch-all for all Push Notifications from the main alarm system AND cameras - including alarms, activity, and errors


For when you are downloading a video from your timeline, and it is saved

(No sound by default)

Arming Reminders

Notifications for the Arming Reminders feature


Notifications generated by a previous version of the home screen widget. This is currently not in use.


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@davey_d​ Nope. No choices there on my S23 Ultra. 

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@davey_d​   I want to set notification sounds to my cameras. I wen to Settings - Notifications - SimliSafe but there is no Miscellaneous catagory. I am using a Samsung S9 with Android Version 10.

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@pgkoz65​ Do you see an "Alarm" category? Notification sounds for the cameras should be under that category now.



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11 months ago

@MikeP I don't believe there are any different tones. WIll have to defer to SS.



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8 months ago

Any updates on when we'll get the option to set a specific sound for the alarm going off? It's genuinely mind bogglingly stupid that there's an option for a unique tone for firmware updates but not for the alarm going off. If you had to choose ONE THING that needed the option for a unique sound how did the designers not choose the alarm going off?

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@worthing​ when I went in today there was a seperate choice for alarm, it's just not listed above.

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@worthing​ completely agree.  So stupid

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8 months ago

A bit off topic, but I would like to see distinctive alert tones for the iphone app, too.  iPhones don't even let you set a different push notification sound for third party apps.  It can only be changed in the app itself, if the app supports it.  At least with Android, you can go to the phone's settings, and change the default alert tone for third party apps (at least you used to be able to).

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7 months ago

I found a video on YouTube that works for my S23 Ultra. Go to Settings, then Apps, then Simplisafe app. Click on Notifications, then Notification Categories. There will be a list of notifications; doorbell, alarm, etc. Click on each one, then click Sound and choose your sound. You can make all Simplisafe notifications the same or make each one different. 

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