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Tuesday, April 21st, 2020 2:55 PM


Triiger a Alarm event while viewing live camera feed - see somone breaking in but they have not entered premisis yet

When I was researching SimplySafe I called sales and asked how the cameras worked in conjunction with monitoring.

I was told I could install a camera outside if I also purchased and installed the outdoor kit.

I was told that camera motion events do not trigger a monitoring event and that once I was notified on my phone that the camera had captured motion and I wanted to have SimplySafe call the police, I could hit a button on the phone app and this would happen.

I have called SimplySafe customer support twice now and they are telling me that this functionality is not available.

I wanted to reach out to the community to find out if anyone has a different opinion or advice on how to do that.

Also, I would not recommend the SimplySafe camera to be installed outdoors (with outdoor kit), as I don't think works very well and I think there are other cameras out there that will do a better job for less money (cameras are $100 and outdoor kit is another $25 so you are paying $125 for an outdoor camera that is not comparable to other $125 outdoor cameras).

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In-App Panic Button

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4 years ago

I don't find that feature very useful personally.  If you are watching a breakin on your camera live why can't you just dial 911?  I also think a panic button on the app would lead to a TON of false alarms which would be bad on many levels.  Some people can handle their phones properly, but many people like my parents who cannot answer their phone half the time would have no business having a panic button on it.  

Your comment about the SS cam outdoors I agree with.  There are some VERY good options for a little bit more money.  My cameras can pick up the stars at night.

Also, you're new here, but it's spelled Simplisafe.  :)

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4 years ago

Dialing 911 while in a different state, area code, country, or even town will not help when you see an intruder on the camera in your home.  They are still not as interconnected as the $trillions spent since 9/11 would have you believe.  Best to have the direct, ordinary phone number of your home police force on speed dial.
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