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Monday, November 13th, 2023 2:26 AM

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Getting notified when updates are available...

I don't use my keypad other than to store fresh batteries in it. That's a joke for you "woke" people.  My system is either on or off. I only use the keyfob. Sometimes I'll notice the "gear" icon on the keypad and check it out. Obviously it's there for a reason and probably important to my equipment.

It sure would be nice to get a text or sms alerting me to the update and also a lot quicker than stumbling on to it in the keypad.

Good idea? Too tough to implement? I'll check back for an answer in 10yrs. (sarcasm!)

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7 months ago

Hi @fromphilly ,

@lance843 is correct. For context, we reserve SMS for critical messages (e.g. if there's an active emergency at your protected location). While important, firmware updates can wait until you're more ready. So we put the notification in the SimpliSafe app, and it appears as a card in the Overview tab.

As an alternative, you could hit the follow button this post on the Community as well. We're going to start sending out notifications when this particular thread is updated with new firmware.

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there is no follow button, presumably because it is closed.

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7 months ago

If you use the app a lot like we do it will tell you on there with a red dot on an envelope top right corner, but that's if you use the app. Other than that besides the keypad and app no other way to my knowledge. 

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