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Friday, May 19th, 2023 6:22 PM


Strobe Light Component for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

Hello there!

My name is Sergio Vergara, a firefighter currently serving as the Fire and Life Safety Educator for the Batesville Fire Department, Batesville, MS. Since 2019, I've been a satisfied user of the Gen3 Simplisafe System, and I am enthusiastic about Simplisafe's potential for continued growth.

As a Fire and Life Safety Educator, my role involves recommending products and best practices to our community members aimed at promoting their safety. The industry standard finds interconnected detection devices, such as smoke alarms, particularly vital in this respect. The integration of interconnectivity and monitoring in Simplisafe offerings is a feature I deeply appreciate.

Based on my experience and knowledge, I'd like to propose a few product enhancements, particularly around accommodating individuals with hearing impairments.

Simplisafe Strobe Light

The Hearing Loss Association of America estimates that approximately 47 million Americans experience some degree of hearing loss. These individuals cannot solely rely on the life-saving sound of a smoke alarm. Many companies have introduced smoke alarms that incorporate a strobe light. Including such a device in the Simplisafe product line would greatly expand its reach to these high-risk populations.

The interconnectivity of these devices is crucial for their effectiveness, and I sincerely urge Simplisafe to consider their inclusion in the product range. Simplisafe's ability to wirelessly interconnect devices provides homeowners with the possibility of integrating them into their homes without requiring extensive electrical work. I believe these additions will serve to strengthen Simplisafe's reputation as a leading provider of home safety solutions.

Best regards,

Sergio Vergara

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4 months ago

Hi @sergiovergara ,

Thanks for your suggestions! In this section of the Community, we request that you create one new post for each suggestion, so we can track progress for them separately. You can find the full guidelines on this page.

You can also find an existing request for a Heat Detector here, and a Vibration Alarm here. Surprisingly, I can't seem to find an existing post for a Strobe Light component, so I'm leaving your post up to serve as the first.

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@davey_d​ Thank you! I have updated the body of this post to simply address the strobe light.

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3 months ago

I would like to see a remote status light and speaker. Something around the size of an Echo Dot, perhaps even smaller. My base station is located in the living room, which is ideal because it is pretty much centrally located. I know others actually have theirs in a utility closet, and utilize an additional alarm unit in the hallway However, we spend a great of time in the family room, so I’m not able to hear the chime as a door is opened or closed. Something I like since I can monitor children’s activity. I even have a sensor on

the pet door and I am alerted when my dogs go outside and come back in.  I also like the light feature on the base station. I can quickly look and see if the system is activated or not, or if there is an update or other issue. I can’t see the light or hear the voice indicating that the system is armed or disarmed, or the chime feature,  with the actual base station in another room. I believe it would be a nice addition to your products if you added something like this. Customers could place one in any room they wish and benefit from the indicator lights and voice prompts. It should plug in and contain a back up battery, of course, in case of power outage.  I am hopeful something like this can be added. I don’t see where the cost would be prohibitive. It doesn’t need a large speaker to be used as a supplement alarm. Like I said, similar to an Amazon Dot. 

Also, I have my elderly mother here with us. Have you considered a smaller fob, something that acts as a panic button only smaller, to be worn around the neck? It could be waterproof as well. Nothing fancy. I realize medical alert services are not your primary purpose. But you do offer a panic devices, and we have options of having medical, fire, or police notification. For you customers, it would be a nice addition to offer, saving us from subscribing to a separate service for medical alerts. I know those services have fancier devices to wear on the wrist or around the neck. Usually with some automatic feature that alerts when a person falls down. I’m just talking about a smaller panic button. A fob without the ability to arm and disarm the system. Just a thought. 

Otherwise, your system is outstanding. I have no concerns or complaints. The equipment is all very nice. It’s so easy to install and add to. Easy to use. And when I had a sensor magnet fall from a window early one morning, which was my fault entirely, the response was immediate. Within one minute of activation, I received a text, a push notification, and a phone call. The customer service was friendly and courteous. I couldn’t expect more. 

Thank you!

Note: This comment was created from a merged conversation originally titled Remote status light/speaker

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Hi @jmriddle66, 

Thank you for your suggestions! I have submitted your first idea - the remote status light - to our dev team. Would you mind splitting this post to move your other request of the smaller Panic Button into another suggestion thread? This way, both suggestions will have their own status labels if/when they are brought into development! 

While we currently do not have this remote status light, we do offer an Extra Siren that chimes when Entry Sensors are open. These can be placed throughout the home, so they may be useful for you in the meantime. You can learn more about the Extra Siren on our website.

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Thank you. I also have the remote siren at the end of my hallway, near my bedroom. And while it does provide the chime, it still lacks the voice prompts and confirmation, and visual aids. But thanks for passing it along. I do believe it would be a popular add-on, and profitable as well. I will do a separate post regarding the smaller panic pendant. 

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Id also like to add…..I’ve been reading these suggestions tonight and it seems to me, there has long been a request for a better visual aid for the hearing impaired. A remote wireless strobe. Would this not also be a great opportunity to address that concern as well? The remote “status” indicator and speaker could also be fitted with a flashing strobe in addition to the standard LED alert and notification band. The device could be made so the customer has the option of placing it next to their bed, or on a dresser, or affixed to the wall. Two birds with one stone. You take care of those with hearing impairments, which is really a no brainer, as the handicapped deserve to feel as “safe” as anyone else, and also provide the features I’ve described. Given the technology already incorporated into your devices, I don’t see this as being an expensive R&D exercise. It should be profitable for SimpliSafe. I’ll add, I did find it curious why a strobe light isn’t already incorporated into your remote siren. The same regarding your smoke detectors. Why no light? LEDs are cheap. And draw very little current. The better smoke alarms in the market often have built in lights. 

Again, thanks for the time and consideration. 

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