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Thursday, December 16th, 2021 3:04 PM


Smoke/CO Alarm Listener

New sensor that listens for sound of Fire and CO alarms. This would allow monitoring of whole house Fire and CO systems. Most new houses are required to have Fire alarms systems connected together.

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3 years ago

Add a Fire / CO Listener to product line. I have a hardwired Fire and CO sensors. Having SS Listener would allow the system to listen for hardwired sensors. I would also have a SS fire sensor and CO sensor installed for backup.

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I know at least one vendor actually integrates this functionality into their cameras so they can be configured to listen for T3 (3 beeps, silence - used by smoke detectors) and T4 (4 beeps, silence - used by CO detectors) alarm sounds. I think a separate listener is also a good idea but if they could introduce this into hardware that many of us already own  as well that would be fantastic.

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I am very much in favor of this. I'm not giving up my hardwired (you know, current NFPA code for new homes) for this, but being able to listen to an existing system would be perfect.

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2 years ago

I haven't even hooked up my system yet and already I have a suggestion.  If SimpliSafe would create a detector that could capture the shrill loud noise of another detector, it would at least allow the system to trigger an alert.  This would make it possible to integrate such things as propane gas detectors, which SimpliSafe does not yet provide.

Please, propane or natural gas detection is an obvious need.  I won't restate it here but it's really a big gap.

I am looking forward to all the things SimpliSafe does provide, of course.  Hoping within 2 weeks.


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2 years ago

I agree on this as I have heard horror stories about how you have to blow out the Dust in the smoke detector or you can get false alarms so a listener would be great just like ring does, thats why I use all of our alexas to listen for our smoke detectors as I have her on away mode in the guard and if I get an alert from her I just go in the indoor cameras and look myself 

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10 months ago

Other services already offer this, so can Simplisafe add the same to remain competive?

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