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Wednesday, December 16th, 2020 6:28 PM


Multiple accounts User access

   I would love the option to have access to 2 accounts on my account but not have the other account have access to mine. I will give you 2 examples.

If I have a set up at my home and a set up at my office I would like multiple people to have access to the office but I do NOT want them to have access to see my cameras in my house.

If I have a set up at my house and a set up at my parents house (they put me as the second contact on their account). My parents want me to have access to their cameras but I do NOT want them to have access to mine.

In both of these situations the alarm goes off at the office or my parents house I have to log out of my home account and login in to view camera activity. It then asks for permission to my fathers email address for me to gain access (because I was logged into my account). This is very time consuming and stressful especially when it's in the middle of the night and when I have the monitoring office call to verify I don't need assistants. Most cases I have to disable then alarm and then drive over going in blind because I can't check camera to check because it's faster then getting the access into the account.

We love SimpliSafe and I would love for this option!

If anyone has any helpful tips on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you :)

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2 years ago

@ dogtags I am not sure if this will address your needs but SS does have a business dashboard that can handle multiple sites separately. I would call sales and see if it would help.

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2 years ago

Feature Managers,

I concur with this need. We currently have 3 systems for 3 separate business locations. I loved it so much I bought a system for the house. I definitely need to separate the business and home user pools.  I find myself choosing between which i want to monitor and having to constantly login/logout.

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