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Monday, September 11th, 2023 3:25 PM

System unplugged, no call

At my son's house where I live, I noticed that the system was unplugged for I don't know how long.  No one called.  SimpliSafe monitoring system is really bad.  Perhaps you can just self-monitor. 

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10 months ago

Hi @ystrei ,

If the Base Station is unplugged, you would get a Power Outage warning. This appears on the Timeline in the SimpliSafe app, and as a push or text notification (if you or your son had already set those up). You'll be able to check at exactly what time that event took place in the SimpliSafe app.

But a Power Outage would not generate a phone call. That would be for actual alarm events, e.g. if a sensor had been tripped while the system was armed.

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