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Tuesday, January 11th, 2022 11:42 PM

System shut off by SS

So we are traveling. A couple of months ago I spoke with the SimpliSafe agent and decided to stop paying the subscription and I would self-monitor to see if that would meet my needs. We agreed. Today I get a message that I am past due for an account which I am not enrolled in and they shut off my service and now I have no access to my phone or locks. Customer service says that I have to physically be home to reactivate each individual camera doorbell Etc again I am traveling and basically my house is not secured. Now what am I supposed to do.

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Cameras or locks

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Hi davidborrett,


When you downgraded your service, were you also due for another payment? It sounds like what could have happened is that the representative you last spoke with did not properly void a payment, so our system thinks that payment is still due.


But assuming that we successfully downgraded your plan, you should still have access to Self-Monitoring features (like livestreams and remote controls), without interruption.


Have you already tried logging out of the app completely, and logging back in?

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