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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022 11:06 PM


Allow camera motion detection to trigger alarm

As best I can tell a camera will never trigger an alarm - why is that?  Do you think they are just too unreliable?   But there are places where I'd put one like a normally closed and pet free office or garage, or the side of my house where no one should ever be.  So if there is any motion detected by cameras there it should absolutely trigger the alarm and I shouldn't need to pair it with an IR motion sensor. 

Other system's cameras have general motion / person / pet differentiation - I use one from Eufy in my backyard and it is great at only sending alerts if a person (usually me) is back there.  Can you add that as a feature too?

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2 years ago

I would recommend caution with such a feature. I often get “motion detected” alerts after disarming the alarm from Home mode. Maybe that’s a glitch, in that it would be expected to have motion in the premises when disarming from Home mode. 

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