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Friday, December 17th, 2021 7:50 PM

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Publish a Product Roadmap

Please give us a roadmap of what you're working on for us or what your prioritizations are. Virtually every request for something receives a variant of one of the following replies:

  1. "I'll forward this on to our devs"
  2. "We're not able to talk about specific roadmaps"

These kinds of ambiguous replies are really frustrating, especially when it's something people have been asking for in the forums for months or years and nothing comes of it. Are you working on it? Are you not? Is it in the works right now? Is it number 3 on your list? NO ONE KNOWS!

Let me be clear, I'm not looking for hard dates for roll out or anything. I'm just looking for, well, anything at all. A post from you all, say every quarter, that looked something like this would be a fantastic start:

Our priorities at the moment in no particular order are:

  • Improving outdoor camera performance
  • Implementing multiple unique logons for mobile app
  • Adding timestamps to recordings
  • Etc.

Based on developer feedback it looks like these requests aren't technically possible:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

We'll provide another update at the beginning of Q(Whatever)

I'm not asking for projected completion dates (yet), just a simple list of what SimpliSafe is actually working on and what SimpliSafe has no intention of working on / can't do.  Many other companies do this. Many other companies do this and provide much more data than just a simple list. This is not a crazy outlandish difficult request. There are FOSS projects run part time by one person that provide more details more often than you all do.

Heck, just implement something like https://uservoice.com/ and solve multiple problems at once. You can collect our feedback easily, we can upvote requests easily so you can see what we really want and you can give us an update on whether it's possible or not, and if it's possible when we might see it.  This is a service that Microsoft used to use (but apparently is moving away from in favor of a 1st party solution) and I loved how it was implemented. If you're unsure of what that looks like, take a look at https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/ you can see the kind of system I'm talking about. 

So how about it? Can we get some feedback on THIS post that's more useful than one of your two standard answers? :)

Official Response

Community Admin


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2 years ago

Hello Worthing,

The answer is that we're not able to talk about specific road maps. You already know this, but we keep that kind of info close to the chest. That, and keeping track of all of this and formatting it for public viewing would require resources that we currently don't have as a company. I'm not going to say that we'll never have the kind of in-depth info that you're asking for, but not right now.

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that, and keeping track of all of this and formatting it for public viewing would require resources that we currently don't have as a company.

SimpliSafe has the resources, they just choose not to prioritize this effort.

Look. there are people with day jobs who also run open source projects in their spare time and provide roadmaps for their open source projects containing the kinds of minimal updates we are asking for. SimpliSafe has 1000+ paid employees now? Of course you can have someone spend a few hours A QUARTER to provide the kind of high level, minimal updates we're asking for. What I don't understand is why SimpliSafe just refuses to do so.

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Simplysafe is staffed by people who refuse to work for the CIA because they feel the CIA is too free with information  :-)

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@sevensiamesecats​ Quite the opposite - it's clearly a CIA research site where they test enhanced interrogation techniques on employees trying to get them to break and share such ultra-secret information as, "Will you be selling a white indoor camera?" (An actual example of a question that received a, "We cannot comment on future plans" response.)

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2 years ago

I'm going to assume there's a delay in a response to this due to the holidays and not because I'm being pushy. :)

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2 years ago

OK, NOW I'm assuming the delay in response is due to my being pushy or just not wanting to reply in general? Can we please get a meaningful response to this request?

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1 year ago

Yet another topic that's more than a year old with no updates. C'mon SimpliSafe, I'm starting to think you just want our money and aren't actually interested in your customers needs.

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