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Friday, December 30th, 2022 1:26 AM


Camera Motion Detection Toggle with Fewer Screen Presses

Love the system, but would appreciate an enhancement to the mobile app that makes it quicker/easier to turn motion detection on/off.  Right now, it takes six screen taps from the home screen to turn off/on motion detection on an individual camera.  It would be great if there were a toggle switch at the main camera screen to turn motion detection off/on.

The use case is when I'm shoveling snow, working outside or using a BBQ grill near a camera.  It's irritating to have my phone constantly buzzing and I'm sure it kills the camera battery.  Currently, I turn the motion detection off while I'm working near cameras so the phone does not buzz and to save camera battery.  Going through six screen taps is not the end of the world, but it would be more convenient if there were a quicker/simpler method.

An even fancier feature would be for a "temporary disable" motion detection.  This way, I don't have to remember to turn motion detection back on.  Again, this would be at a high menu level for quick access.  There would only be two or three presets, say 15 minutes (snow shovel situation), one hour (grilling or quick chore) and 8 hours (all day job).  I would not want a wheel of continuous time options, because that would contradict the quick access/setting.

Thanks for considering.

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5 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion!

In the meantime, we did recently roll out a Snooze feature that allows you to silence the Motion Notifications for 30 minutes, or 60 minutes. You can read about the feature here.

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@davey_d​ Doesn't work on my phone app. I have iOS and it will not bring up the snooze feature. My app is up to date also

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@larrhurd​ try uninstalling the and reinstalling the app one more time, to clear out old data. Once you're logged in again, the feature should become available. You just need to press and hold on the notification to pull up the menu.

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5 months ago

Thanks for the pointer.  That definitely addresses the irritation issue.

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25 days ago

@davey_d  Any news on the addition of a timer (best option) or fast toggle (backup option) for Outdoor Camera motion sensing to be more controllable?  this has been asked in these forums for 2 years now.  its the main reason i havent gotten a simplisafe system for my home yet.  thanks.


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23 days ago

@davey_d I ended up here because I'm looking for the "pause" option that would turn off motion detection  on the outdoor camera for an interval of time and then turn it back on again. Weather is nicer so we are in the backyard setting off the camera every 2-3 minutes and draining the battery. The "snooze notifications" feature helps with the constant phone disruption but does nothing to address the unnecessary camera battery drainage. I can turn off motion detection but the odds that I'll forget to manually turn it back on again for a while are very high. Please push for a "pause" option.

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and I agree w/the OP that this feature can have just a few pre-set interval options for different scenarios.

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