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Monday, February 17th, 2020 2:57 PM


I have returned my simplisafe system months ago. When I received my updated system I mailed back the old system. I constantly get emails saying I need to send back the old system.  I have talked to people online and received confirmation that simplisafe has the return.  WHY am I constantly receiving these emails???????



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4 years ago

Call them and ask them to correct the return in their system - ask for a supervisor if necessary.

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9 months ago

I want to return this.  It's too confusing and doesn't work properly

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@8w3a5h​ As long as you purchased through SimpliSafe.com and are within 60 days of your purchase, you can return your system under our return policy.

I'd also be happy to answer any questions you have about your system. Just let me know!

Have a great (almost) weekend and a Happy New Year!

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5 months ago

They still have not improved with their returns. I returned a Pro doorbell about 2 weeks ago and have been on the phone 3 times with 3 different people to try and get a refund. Apparently, they have all "processed my return" after checking that the doorbell was at the warehouse 3 different times. I called today and asked for a supervisor to please fix this, if they can't fix it then I want to return my entire system. 

How can you possibly trust a company with your family's safety that cannot process a simple return, that doesn't even make sense. 

What a shame.

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