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Wed, Oct 19, 2022 2:53 AM

How do I return some items of my system

I just ordered a system and got too many of one thing. How do I return those??

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1 month ago

Hi @standkemanandhar ,

We do have the 60-day Money Back Guarantee. So you can just reach out to our Support team, either through phone or chat. We can send you a prepaid return label to send back any items that you don't need.

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4 days ago

Hi, my name is Janice, and I bought alarm system last month and I need to return some items, but I was told I can only print it out from my email, but I was unable to print the return label from my computer.  So I asked customer service if there was a way that I could have them mail the return label to me. Because not everybody have a computer. I was told there was no possible way.  Can someone help me with this?

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