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Monday, April 4th, 2022 7:18 PM

Update auto pay method

​I have received a new credit card and want to update the one on file for auto pay​

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1 year ago

@huxianlj You can add another card and mark it as the primary yourself online (log into your dashboard, look at the top right to see your credit card on file. To delete the old card, as of now, you have to call into customer service. Yes, a waste of your time and Simplisafe's time, but when I asked the agent said they were working on this to make it available online for customers.

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5 months ago

Hi @andyturner40 and @aibrean ,

Step-by-step instructions can be found here. But here's a visual for you as well:

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@davey_d​ Thank you!

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5 months ago

Nothing there that shows my credit card.

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5 months ago

Just went through this same thing with Customer Service.  It's there, just hard to find!  On the website, go to Monitoring.  At the top there's a grey area saying 'Monitoring', followed by a blue section with your plan info, and below that is an off-white section with options (Account ID, etc.).  Look closely at the blue section; scan to the right an you will see Credit Card, then look for 'edit' right underneath Credit Card (super hard to see because it's also in blue).  You can also find it in the phone app, it's a little easier on there, just go to Plan & Billing.  Hope that helps!

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4 months ago

what a great way to make it difficult  and have lots of post with bad info 

now I have to deal with this account crud  and a POS doorbell 

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