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Tuesday, February 7th, 2023 12:59 PM

Night Mode - When?

​It has been a question and a topic of discussion for Simplisafe for many months.  ​

​We need a Night Mode mode in addition to the Away and Home Mode.  This is a huge competitive problem for Simplisafe not to have.  We need to be able to arm our exterior sensors, without arming our motion detectors and have instant alarms set for just the exterior sensors.  We cannot do easily with current modes.  This is the only alarm system on the market that I can find that does not have this feature.   ​

​Simplisafe has said for months that it is working on adding this mode.  Is this really being worked on or not?  When is expected implementation?​

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2 months ago

Hi @wbd12228 ,

This idea for a third armed mode has been submitted, but is not currently in development.

But I'd like to understand a bit more what you're looking for. The way that Home Mode currently works is that by default, all your Motion Sensors are disarmed, while your Glassbreak and Entry Sensors remain online. You can decide which sensors of any of the three types is active in Home Mode, on a per-sensor basis.

You can also set instant trigger for each sensor, though that's an on-or-off setting regardless of mode.

So it sounds like the current Home Mode might already do what you're asking?

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Thanks for the response.

The desire is have the ability to have instant alarm set for all exterior type sensors.  ie:  glass, doors, etc.., when everyone is home and sleeping.  That way if a door is opened or glass break, the alarm goes on without entry delay.  We would not expect anyone to be coming in.

The problem is that when using Home Mode and not everyone is yet home, and you have everything set to instant, the alarm system goes off immediately when a person returns home.  Home mode works great when you are home, but someone returns and opens a door with a delay for specified door.

The key here is that a "night" mode is almost on every other system in the industry.  It allows for having all exterior sensors set to alarm without delay when sleeping and no one is ever expected to enter.

Does this make sense?

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Hi @wbd12228, 

While "Night Mode" is not currently in development, it has been requested before. This public form will only create more visibility for our dev team! 

In the meantime, a workaround here would be to set your sensors to Instant Trigger while getting ready for bed. If someone does break in, the sensor will go off instantly. 

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Manually setting and un-setting instant alarm every night before bed and in the morning is not a valid work around.

there should be a way to have a home mode when people are expected to come and go, and a sleep mode where any exterior sensor trip is instantly alarmed. We just got our system hooked up and I am shocked that simply safe doesn’t have this option.

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