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Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 3:46 PM

Monitoring fee

Just got charged for the monthly monitoring fee.  It was $26.62.  Previously it was $24.99.  I am gonna assume that the extra $1.63 is sales tax as that is what is works out to in the county I live in.
Any one else experience the same?

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4 years ago

That would make sense if your state/county allows taxing bodies to tax services and not just goods.  Not all do.

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4 years ago

It's the sales tax.  It was discussed here pretty thoroughly last year.  I think SS even made some sort of announcement but I'm not sure.

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If they "announced it" here, why would ANYONE have seen it?
Simplisafe is one giant marketing machine; everything about them is organized towards more sales, and little to nothing is to SUPPORT THE EXISTING CUSTOMERS!  It would have taken them under an hour for a developer to generate a list of customers who would be affected, and to email them a notice.  But that might have cost the company $100; they would rather just make the change and then generate confusion in all of those unimportant current customers.

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4 years ago

Same happened to me here in Florida today.
So I guess it was far too much effort for Simplisafe to notify users that this was changing?  JERKS!!!!!

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4 years ago

This is not SimpliSafe's doing. They merely have to obey the laws.

This is the effect of a 2018 Supreme Court ruling that changed the laws regarding tax collection for Internet based deals. Where have you all been that this should be a big surprise?

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4 years ago

^  well, it's 2020 now, so there's that.

Because it was unexpected and few people are probably worrying 24/7 which of their internet purchases, subscriptions, etc are going to charge tax now, so when there's an unexpected additional charge on a recurring subscription, it comes as a surprise when there's no notification what the additional charge was for.

And, we all know with the problems SS has with a ton of things, a dedicated page for "notices" would serve a purpose, and for a large percentage of their customer base.  We've nudged them countless of times to no avail.

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4 years ago

Yes, it would have been a responsible gesture to inform their affected customers that sales taxes are suddenly applicable rather than having us wondering why our credit card is not balancing.  Another example of the erosion of customer service.
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