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Monday, October 16th, 2023 3:07 PM

Is there any option for video recording with standard monitoring?

I downgraded my monitoring plan from the new 'Fast Protect' ($30) to 'Standard Monitoring' ($20). Weirdly it shows the timeline of motion detected but there is no video recording to look up. So the camera detects the motion, saves to the timeline, but does not record anything! Previously SimpliSafe had $5 per camera option to record the videos, is that still available? I could use that temporarily for the months I need without changing the monthly monitoring plan.

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5 months ago

Hi @crishi, 

The Standard Monitoring plan allows you to see a timeline of events from the last 7 days, but it does not include camera recordings. You can view a livestream of your cameras, though. We no longer offer a $5 camera recording plan, but you can learn more about the monitoring plans we currently offer in this Help Center article.

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Thanks for the response. It would have been nice to have some option for recording without the need to switch the monitoring plan, especially with no local microSD recording on these cameras, and rising premium monitoring costs.

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4 months ago

You will lose ALL video lookback unless you pay the highest plan price. They will let you see 7 days of "notifications" but no cloud storage at all.  You would think, they would have provided a limited (even 24 hours) of storage that can be downloaded via the app on the "Standard" plan and offer the unlimited for those that night need it  - but then they wouldn't be able to force all of us with just 1 doorbell camera to keep the higher plan along with yet another price increase. 

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@tbss​ Yep, less flexibility, more force!

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