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Sunday, December 19th, 2021 3:43 PM

Do you need the monitoring service to use the Mobile App?

I have been a simplisafe customer for a couple years but have never used the monitoring service and never considered using the app.  We are  considering getting the monitoring service now due to some break-ins in the neighborhood but regardless can I use the mobile app if I don't have a monitoring service plan?

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2 years ago

Yes, you can use the app to Arm/Disarm Remotely, get Push Notifications, Alarm, Error, and Camera Alerts, and access your Timeline without monitoring provided you have SS3. All other features require paid monitoring of some level.

Additionally, you can try paid monitoring free for one month.

What are the service plan options?

As the link states, without a monitoring plan, you will not have access to:

24/7 professional monitoring and law enforcement dispatch

24/7 fire and emergency medical monitoring and dispatch

Download video recordings from the app to your phone



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2 years ago

Yes , You can use to push notification alarm error and much more!  Simplisafe provided the app for monitoring service .For this you have to buy a subscription plan.

Or You can also try premium monitoring for free for a month.

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2 years ago

I was told by a customer rep that I can activate my free month monitoring and if I decide that I do not want to continue with that I can cancel and continue with “basic app services”. This includes push alerts, remote arm/disarm system, alarm triggers by any of your sensors including water, smoke and CO sensors as well as error conditions. You MUST activate monitoring when you install system first. Is this accurate?

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2 years ago

good luck trying to cancel the free month.  I'm still on phone hold after 22 minutes because you have to call in but no one ever answers.   Think twice.

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@JEKaslow apologies for the extreme wait. As I understand, our Support team had a very busy holiday weekend. But if you weren't able to get through, you should have an easier time today.

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