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Thursday, December 10th, 2020 8:23 PM

Static/clicking on base station, anyone else?

So received my new system (updated version) recently, and I noticed every time the base station is talking, there's slight clicking/static noises that I can hear as well. I figured the speaker was blown, called customer support and they sent a new one.

Plug that in and...that one's clicking too, I tried removing the cover etc and I still hear it. it's super annoying and my old model base station never had that.

Did I just get two bad ones or does anyone else hear that if they're next to the base station when it's talking?

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6 months ago

Mine started doing this intermittently (not while speaking), just a random crackling sound.  This occurred several times a mi Ute one random night.  I removed the power cord and backup batteries and replaced them and it appears to have eliminated the issue.

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