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Sunday, December 19th, 2021 10:15 PM

Keypad burning through batteries

Has anyone encountered a problem that your keypad is eating the batteries every 30-45 days? I have the power save option enabled and only arm/disarm from it 1-3 times a day but this shouldn’t be killing it so quickly. Any advice

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3 years ago

Hi there. Do you see the Keypad lighting up all the time even when there's no one nearby? The proximity sensor does use infrared, so there could be something in the room (that generates heat) that is triggering it.

But other than that, the only other culprit would be extreme interference, which is forcing the Keypad to work harder to maintain the connection with the Base Station. That would also use up a lot more power than usual.

Interference can be caused by physical objects directly in the way between the Keypad and the Base, like thick walls, heavy appliances, or metal mesh. Or it could be caused by other wireless devices competing for the same airspace; you're looking for low-frequency devices like remote controlled garage door openers, or wireless weather stations. Those different sources of interference can even work in tandem, so we'll want to identify them all and move either the Base Station or Keypad to mitigate their effect.

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2 years ago

I am having the same problem, having to replace the keypad batteries every 3 weeks or so. The keypad is not located close to anything that would cause electrical interference. I do see that the lights come on when nobody is close to the keypad so perhaps this is the reason. The keypad is located fairly close to the base station and there are no thick walls separating the keypad from the base station. As a test, I will move the keypad next to the base station with a fresh set of batteries to see how long the batteries last.

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1 year ago

My first set of batteries lasted about six months. Wen the keypad didn't work one day, I just swapped the batteries without thinking much of it. Since then, every couple days, it will refuse to turn on in the morning, and the base station shows the keypad is not responding. I pull out the batteries, then put them back in, and it work again for a while. After a couple weeks, it refuses to turn on after pulling the batteries. So I replace them. After a couple sets, I started testing them with a battery tester. They are indeed low according to the test, so I replace them. In the past three months, I've replaced six sets of batteries. The first three sets were from the same package as the original batteries, a Costco 72 pack. I bought a fresh pack, just in case the previous package was getting too old, it was close to a year since purchase. The new package is having the same issue. 

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@Steve36184​ often when the Keypad's batteries keep quickly draining, it is a result of extreme interference. This is due to the Keypad needing to work harder to communicate with the Base Station, which causes the batteries to die faster.

Interference can be caused by physical objects getting in the way between the Keypad and Base Station, like thick stone/brick walls or heavy appliances. It can also be caused by other wireless devices that emit a similar frequency - these are objects like garage door openers, weather stations, or remote car starters. I would inspect the area where your Keypad is placed and see if there could be any physical or wireless causes of interference. If there is, I would try to move the Keypad closer to the Base Station or in another room to see if that helps.

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11 months ago

My keypad is literally next to my base station. I’m burning through batteries once a week. I finally bought rechargeable, but still have to charge them every week.

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@pharmtech90​ Do you have power saving mode on? Power saving mode turns off the proximity sensor in the Keypad that tells it to light up when someone gets close to it. With this setting turned on, the Keypad will only light up when a button is pressed.

You can turn power saving mode on by taking these steps in the Keypad:

  1. Press Menu

  2. Enter your Master PIN

  3. Select Devices

  4. Select your Keypad

  5. Choose "Power Savings"

  6. Press the side button on the Keypad’s rocker to toggle between OFF and ON

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