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Sunday, January 2nd, 2022 6:59 PM

Question on security system WIFI or cellular connection frequency

Hi everyone, 

I have been a Simplisafe customer for a while but currently am trying to either eliminate or decrease WIFI usage at home after reading articles about RF radiation. (I Prefer using ethernet cable instead)  I have a few questions.

1) Is it possible to plug the base station in with an ethernet cable instead of WIFI?  I have a Gen3 system.  I don't see such opinion.  Is there a way around it?  (Is there a different base station that would have ethernet port)?

2) When does Simplisafe make a connection using wifi or cellular?  Is it done periodically 24/7 and if so how frequent?  Or does a connection to wifi or cellular only happens when a alert happens? 

3) What kind of technology is used between the base station and each sensor?  Is that related to WIFI?

Thank you,

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2 years ago

Hello, Grace.

First, we should assure you that all of the wireless communication that our system uses is safe, per FCC guidelines.

The WiFi and cellular connection are both used for signals between your Base Station and our monitoring service - to relay info about the system, including alarms and other notifications. Like any other WiFi device, the Base Station will be in constant communication with your WiFi router to make sure that the connection is still active, even when not actively communicating information.

Similarly, the built-in cell connection will check in every hour or so with the cell towers near your home.

The Base Station cannot be connected via cable.

The local connection between the Base Station and sensors is very different. It's also a radio signal, but very low frequency - similar to devices like wireless garage door openers, wireless weather stations, etc. Your sensors check in with the Base Station every hour as well.


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2 years ago

but currently am trying to either eliminate or decrease WIFI usage at home after reading articles about RF radiation

I'm not aware of a single reputable scientific study that suggests that RF exposure from Wi-Fi can result in health problems. (Please note that I am NOT saying that we know for sure that there is no harm, just that I'm not aware of any data from a reputable source indicating that it does.) Can I ask what your source(s) are?

Also unless you live somewhere where there are no neighbors for hundreds of feet in any direction and you never go into work or stores or drive on public roads it's impossible for you to eliminate exposure to Wi-Fi signals. (I live in a neighborhood with roughly quarter acre lots and I can see no less than 17 SSIDs in my living room right now and only 2 of those are mine. ) I'm saying this because you may find yourself stressing out about a "problem" that you realistically cannot solve.

If you live in an underground bunker in the woods or on a remote fire tower in a national park then obviously I will eat crow. :)

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