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Thursday, March 24th, 2022 12:58 AM

Watch live vs offline

In the control panel, after successfully streaming from each of the 5  cameras, most return to a status of “watch live,” however, one or two randomly might return to an “offline” status. I’ve also seen them change a few seconds later to “watch live.” Interestingly, being “offline” doesn’t appear to have a direct correlation with the accessibility of the camera, as it streams with approximately the same delay as those who report “watch now.”

I’m curious what constitutes being offline that the status fluctuates so randomly and doesn’t reflect  accessibility.

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2 years ago

Hi galenwork,

"Offline" just means that it failed the last check-in, perhaps because one of the links in the chain of communication is less stable. If you try again, you can still get through eventually.

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@davey_d​ , understood. Unfortunately, I'm 225 miles from the site, so doing any analysis on the local network is out of the question at the moment.

That said, could there be something of a "discovery" process that happens when SS's own systems report a camera is "offline" when initially connecting to the control panel, only to have it's status change to "watch now" a few seconds later? Interestingly, not all cameras appears to change state from simply connecting to the control panel, and clicking on the "play" arrow starts the streaming initialization process, that may or may not succeed in establishing a stream.

I noticed a few weeks ago in checking connections with the site router, only the (wired) doorbell seems to maintain a connection through the router, and that certain external activities, such as an iOS app connection or someone connecting to the SS control panel, appear to establish connections with the wireless cameras. I'm surprised there isn't a nominal keepalive to maintain connectivity. I haven't tested to determine if/how the IP address is maintained by the wireless cameras when they are "asleep," (I'm sure you know,) but I could imagine that being a potential point of network confusion if the camera either caches an address the router has reassigned, or DHCP has to happen all over again just because someone opened their iphone app. I would imagine that could get in the way of streams sent to SS from triggered cameras. For cameras SS is monitoring, those stream snippets fail far too often, where you see the length of the recording, but only get reported "we didn't get that portion of the video." I'm anxious to get to the bottom of this and get the problem that looks a lot like logic behind the connection resolved.

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