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Friday, August 18th, 2023 3:21 PM

Outdoor camera not recording video

I have a problem with my two outdoor cameras and I'm not sure what is causing the issue....

The issue:

- Camera will detect motion and when doing so it will: note on timeline, activate spotlight (at night), and send notification

- When I go to view the video it notes 'No Video - We did not receive this part of the recording from your camera'

Troubleshooting steps taken:

- Remove and reinsert batter = no change
- Recharge batter = no change

- Check connection within app = Says camera is offline (yet I still get accurate timeline/notifications)

- Remove device from system and re-add to system = problem resolved (for 1 camera so far.....check 2nd camera tonight)

This first happened with my front-door camera a few months ago and I did not realize it until I needed view a specific event and the video was not available!  I hoped the problem was a 'one off' but here I am having the same problem with my driveway camera (which requires ladder to access!).

All in all i'm very disappointed with the SimpliSafe outdoor cameras.  Wonderful physical design and mounting design but the software is making them horrible.

I guess now I need to check the videos every day to make sure they are working.  Heaven forbid I need them to identify someone!

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1 day ago


I've had similar issues with one of my exterior cameras as well. It notifies me when it detects motion but will not show a video or activate live view.

SOLUTION: I removed the camera from my system using the app on my mobile, then added it back. It's working at the moment, so fingers crossed it stays this way.


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1 day ago

In my experience the problem will likely happen again.  I've had this issue with my driveway camera a couple more times - each time I was not able to remove/re-add the camera (life is busy) and after 12-24 hours the camera started working properly again.  

There is a new firmware for the camera (version 1.18) and I'm hoping perhaps this will help to resolve my issue.........BUT none of my outdoor cameras have updated their firmware (currently at 1.15.XX).  So great I now have another problem with the cameras.

SimpliSafe: Please provide a way for the user to initiate a firmware update!  Just a button that will initiate the camera to reach out to a repository.

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