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Sunday, December 16th, 2018 2:12 PM

Indoor Camera With Cover For Outdoor Use?

Since there is no outdoor camera as yet (and who knows when that will happen), I'm wondering if the indoor camera will stand up to extreme temperatures using the cover? I live in an area where summer temperatures can reach 115 degrees or more. Will the camera stand up to that?

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6 years ago

I wouldn't think it would. Those indoor camers just look a bit flimsy to withstand the temps that most people have in their areas. That is probably one of the reasons that he outdoor cameras aren't out yet. Still testing & finding out how much battery life they have. II'm waiting for the outdoor cameras myself.

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I agree. I doubt that the indoor camera with the cover will handle extreme temperatures. I'm hoping that the outdoor camera will come out soon. I hope it's battery operated. I don't want to have to run power through the attic.
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