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Friday, October 28th, 2022 6:24 PM

Question on outdoor camera

This is [email address censored] having an account with Simplisafe.  Question on outdoor camera installed recently over my front driveway.  The rechargeable battery was fully charged when installed a few days ago.  It got completely drained in less than 3 days.  I live in Stone Mill Estate community, in Mount Laurel, NJ, where the traffic is fairly light.  The camera was pointing a bit further out than our front driveway, so it did pick up traffic motion as well as pedestrian motion.  I am planning to have continuous a/c supply to the camera now, but I was baffled that a fully charged battery was completely drained in less than 3 days, especially as the total number of motion detection was not really high.  My back yard camera is holding the charge well as there are very few motion triggers there.   Do I need a firmware update on the camera or anything else that could do a finer tune on the hold of the battery charge?   Granted, I am now planning on having continuous a/c supply on my front yard camera.

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2 years ago

Hi @paisrus ,

Thank you for reaching out about your issue. Please understand that our Community is a public space. Per our Community Guidelines, we have removed your email address from your post.

From your description, it does sound like your camera is affected by a known issue that should have been resolved in an earlier version of the Outdoor Camera Firmware.

Aside from high traffic, resulting in frequent activations, battery drain might also be a result of poor or unstable connectivity. Have you already been working with our Support team? The Power Adapter will of course resolve at least part of the issue, but our Support team can still help with improving performance on your end by addressing environmental factors.

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@davey_d​  Really sick of the pitiful excuse used to blame outdoor camera issues on the customer's "poor" internet or wifi. And just so you know, firmware updates have NOT resolved the camera problems!

I have 4 outdoor SimpliSafe cameras with my system & have had the system for 21 months;  now camera firmware update version - still have extremely slow "wake up" time for the cameras when motion activated or they don't wake up or record at all. Same with trying to go "live view" when someone is at my door. By the time the camera wakes up, they have left. 

>> NO it's not my wifi router...it's less than 1 yr old & everything else in my house connects just fine & has very good speed. Plus, I purchased 2 wifi extenders from SimpliSafe who assured me THAT would fix the problem...it hasn't. 

I call support regularly & no one has ever acknowledged that SimpliSafe knows there is a major issue with their outdoor cameras. It's NOT us guys...it's THE CAMERAS.

>>> I sincerely wish I'd went with someone else instead of SimpliSafe, as the outdoor cameras were the primary reason I purchased from you. 

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7 months ago


numerous issues not clearly discussed in any venues.

i had to run hard wire to an extender and not the one that Simpli Safe recommends as it did not have the power or working strength needed to get to the camera from a basement entry area. 
This has been a trial and error process with Convoluted backup from Simpli Safe.

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