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Wednesday, May 25th, 2022 7:00 PM

Outdoor camera performance

Can anyone comment on the Outdoor Camera’s performance

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2 years ago

Some of us will tell you the cameras work just fine. Others will tell you they don't work well at all. Others will tell you some things work OK and some things don't.

Can you tell us what, specifically, you want to know more about? "Performance" suggests you're referring to battery life but you should tell us explicitly just to be sure.

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2 years ago

Sure. I’m asking about overall performance of the Battery life and wifi connection. I’m sensing this “new” product may need some improvement. Would you agree?

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2 years ago

That's still a really difficult question to answer because there are so many variables that contribute to battery life that include but are not limited to:

  • Video resolution you're recording in
  • What you have the sensitivity of the motion sensor set to
  • Are you using the detection grid?
  • Is the light enabled?
  • Is the siren enabled?
  • How often do you have motion in front of the cameras? 
  • Does your camera have a good, solid connection to WiFI or not?
  • What is the temperature outside? (the efficiency / life of (all) batteries is affected by cold weather)

All that being said I can tell you that when I was still using an Outdoor Camera, after it had received a few updates, it was set up to detect motion in my driveway and porch, I did not have the light or siren enabled, I had sensitivity set to high and resolution set to 1080p and I was seeing 45-60 days of life, give or take?

(My issue was less to do with battery life than with lackluster motion detection. Please note that I do not use it outside any longer so I can't tell if that has gotten better or not.)

Ultimately no one can tell you if the cameras will meet your needs except for you and you won't know until you have one to test. Just be aware of the return period so that if the cameras do not meet your needs you can return them in time for a full refund.

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