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Tuesday, August 1st, 2023 3:04 PM

Help please!

Have existing doorbell system that works, replaced with ring doorbell cameras 6 years ago, no issues. Trying to "upgrade to simplisafe doorbell cameras but they dont work. Tech support sent new doorbell but same issue at front and back doors.  No response to doorbell . Why do all others work on this wiring but not simplisafe?

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11 months ago

Hi @kathyfautz ,

So sorry about the trouble you've had with setting up your Video Doorbell Pros. It would be helpful in our troubleshooting here to have more info about what's going on, so we can diagnose.

First, do you know if you have a digital or an analog/mechanical doorbell? Our Video Doorbell is unfortunately only compatible with the latter type, which is more common.

I do see you mention getting "no response to doorbell" - could you expand on that? Is the Video Doorbell not switching on at all?

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