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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 7:19 PM

Outside camera

My outside camera is offline but I’m still receiving motion alerts on my phone. It also will not show live feed. I’ve reset it. Deleted it. Added it again. Reset my router…everything to get this dang thing to work like Simplisafe says it will. This is our second outdoor camera and third battery since January. More often than not, the thing doesn’t work at all. Anyone have a solution to this?

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2 years ago

Does your camera have good Wi-Fi connection with your modem? 
If not, recommend a Wi-Fi extender. 

if you do have good connection. From my experience. Have the latest IOS/android SimpliSafe update?

if so, reset the Base Station. Pull battery out. Wait a couple minutes. Put battery in. 

Reboot outdoor camera. 
Take battery out. Wait a minute. 
Put battery in. Push reset button on back for 20 sec til you see a blinking white light. 
Prompt to new camera. 
This time a new update will show if camera is able to be functional with Wi-Fi connection you have. 
worst case scenario would recommend lower resolution from 1080 to 720. 

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2 years ago

Hi @aprilmoranbooks ,

@jghandy1124 has some great advice. I would also try the Connection Check tool in the SimpliSafe app. That will help diagnose if the connection strength for the camera where it is currently positioned is the problem.

I suspect that the issue might be environmental; e.g. the walls of your house may be blocking the signal, or there might be other interference elsewhere.

The Connection Check tool does also require Firmware 1.7, which may not yet be installed on your camera. The same update also includes performance improvements that can help a lot with what you've been experiencing. Give our Support team a call at 800-548-9508 and we can check  if the update is already installed.

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