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Sunday, October 1st, 2023 9:26 PM

Camera Won't Scan QR Code

Cannot do QR code at all!!! Non of the ideas worked , have to charge doorbell to try again another hour of wasted time!!!



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2 months ago

@cortez131 First, on your doorbell pro, does it have a separate transformer? Is your chime analog? (Won't work with a digital chime) Is it wired, not wireless? (Must be wired.)

If all of that checks out, bring up the app with the QR code, hold infront of the doorbell about an inch away and move slowly away from it to about 6 inchces and then slowly back to the lens. If it registers, wait as the firmware will most likely update and will take awhile.  If it doesn't work, call support for assistance.

Please post your outcome here if you get a chance.

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2 months ago

Hi @cortez131, 

As mentioned by Captain11, slowly moving your phone and camera together and apart can help. I would also make sure that your phone's brightness is all the way up and that the whole QR code is on your screen. You'll know that the QR code is shown in its entirety when all three concentric squares are visible on the bottom left and top two corners. 

We also list out all of the potential troubleshooting steps to take when your QR code won't scan in this Help Center article.

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