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Why won’t my QR code scan?


When you set up a SimpliCam® or Video Doorbell Pro, the SimpliSafe® mobile app will ask you to scan a QR code with your camera. If you are stuck on this step, please follow the instructions below.


  • If you are installing a camera indoors, make sure it is in a well-lit room. You can always move your camera to its desired location after it has been installed. If you are installing a Video Doorbell Pro, you will want to install it during the daytime.

  • Make sure there are no bright lights, glares, or reflections directly toward the camera.

  • Ensure the plastic cover has been removed from the camera’s lens.

  • Check that the Night Vision light (a small red dot near the lens) is off.

  • Make sure that the camera’s light is blinking white, indicating that it is in setup mode.

  • If you are installing a SimpliCam®, the Privacy Shutter must be open.

    • The Privacy Shutter is a metal disc located over the lens. Ensure that it is open and you can see the lens.

  • Make sure that your smartphone or tablet is showing the QR code in its entirety and that the phone’s brightness is set all the way up.

  • Slowly move the phone closer and then further away from the camera. It may take a few minutes to scan.

  • If your Wi-Fi network’s name or password contains a semicolon (;) or backslash (\) please remove it.

If you continue to have issues with your camera reading the QR code, here are some tips and tricks to help:

  • Place the camera and phone about a foot apart on a flat surface, upright and facing each other.

  • Cover the top of the lens with one hand.

  • Take a screenshot of the QR code and zoom in on the photo in your camera’s library.

  • Try scanning the code from another device.

If this issue is still not resolved, please contact our Support team. We’ll be happy to help!