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Monday, August 14th, 2023 2:50 AM

Motion not detected

Front door camera picked us up

leaving and coming back but not the amazon guy with 6 large packages. Must have gone back and forth multiple times… 

set up 7’ above front door. Connection is great. Wifi router is a good 10’ away. 

I sporadically noticed that the other 3 cams didn’t pick up motion either. Just feels spotty at times. Must be when in deep sleep or something. 

any suggestions other than the usual deinstall/ reinstall? 

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11 months ago

Hi @Gr123456, 

How far away is your Base Station from your camera? The wake-up process for the Outdoor Camera involves communicating with the Base Station, so moving them closer together can improve the camera's wake-up time. Our dev team is also making great strides with shortening the camera's wake-up time - a new feature is currently in development.

The guided flow in this Help Center article will also help you troubleshoot the placement of your Outdoor Camera to ensure that is not causing any issues with the camera detecting motion.

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